All Day Special

All Day Special

David Hailwood has been a radio presenter and DJ for the past 30 years. He was the resident DJ in two well known night clubs in Manchester for many years before moving over to the west coast of France in 2004.

David launched Expat radio in the spring of 2016.

In the first few months of the station being launched it had been nominated as the best radio station for expats around the world by the readers of the Expatriates magazine. In the stations 3-year history they have won this prize 3 years running.

The station now has over 110 countries tuning in daily and a listenership growing rapidly around the world.

This is all down to a fantastic team of people who have come together from different parts of the world to create Expat radio. Without this amazing team, the station wouldn’t exist.

In Lorraine’s words The All Day Special is..

Expat’s porky pie of a show …

It’s not on all day & ( sorry Dave ) it’s not all that special ..

The original, award-winning show where Dave & Lorraine make other presenters look good ( effortlessly good ).

The show where we all cut our teeth , paid our dues and escaped, sorry , evolved from .

Dave’s .. ” I’ll make you a star” platform until the enquiry #metoo…

The show that generously provides Zoe Ball with a constant stream of replacement listeners …

We jest …

Tune in every morning to hear Dave’s magic mix of music, banter & celebrity guests .

Dave knows his unique blend of wit , camaraderie and psychotic personality works …

Because, in the words of Dave , “we’re getting more listeners tuning in every day “ ….

But , as Lorraine replies , ” that’s because they’re staying on to see if we get better”

All Day Special
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