The Lipstick Lounge

The Lipstick Lounge

Tune in with the girls to our weekly magazine show, every Friday at 11 am UK. Radio’s answer to Loose Women.

Our fabulously irreverent ( some may say cynical ) take on what’s hot off the press in the world of media, celebrity gossip and what passes for entertainment in the world post Brexit & Corona …

Join Lorraine Findlay & Tracy Edwards .. as they impart their empathetic and considered responses ( annihilate ) to the trials & tribulations of those who prostrate themselves at the alter of Instagram #whocares…

Every Friday the girls will source Pulitzer winning articles ( best of a mediocre bunch ) from the hallowed pages of iconic literary tomes … well , OK & The Daily Mash … we’re on a budget … for our Prosecco fuelled perusal and pointless discussion .. priceless , literally priceless ..

If you’ve nothing better to do and you want to appreciate that life wasn’t as bad as you thought it was ..

Listen in 11 am UK / 12 pm CET

Pour yourself a large one … it helps xx

The Lipstick Lounge
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The Lipstick Lounge
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